Monday, June 18, 2012

How to Improve Preschool Education System

A child’s future is very much determined by his education. In that context, it is important to create a perfect preschool education because that’s where kids start the journey of their life. Preschools or nursery schools are an important cog in the wheel of society. The quality of preschool education directly affects the children which in turn has a major effect on the country. Most of the child care centers or preschools have quality staff & preschool supplies. These staffs and teachers join preschools less due to any major financial incentive and more because of their love for kids. The success of a preschool is very much dependent on the ability and intentions of its teachers. If teachers have best of child’s interests in their mind that will automatically reflect in the way kid shapes up. However, it is estimated that preschool education will suffer from lack of quality nursery teachers in coming times.

To improve the quality of preschool education, it is important to groom teachers and offer them appropriate remunerations. Preschool teachers should have equal standing to that of primary or senior school teachers. There should be constant focus on improving the levels of nursery school teachers. This can be done through providing more respect and incentive. Teachers should be encouraged to go for their university degrees.

Worldwide, there is more emphasis on secondary education. Most of the governments and organizations talk about improving secondary education. The primary education is yet to receive its due share in education sector. We should not forget that a preschool or nursery school is the place where child takes his/her first step to the real world. His experience at preschool can change his approach towards education forever.

Montessori education should have more participation from the parents for the proper development of the children. There should be consistent focus on structured parental programmes in which parents would be given advice and the skills to develop their children at home. Finally, preschools should always give priority to developing curriculum that has right mix of fun and learning. The ultimate aim is proper growth and development of the children and this can only be achieved by equal contribution from all the concerned parties.

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