Monday, June 18, 2012

Safety Tips for Preschoolers

It is not an easy task to nurture young kids. Toddlers and small kids are restless. They are on constant move. They require constant discipline and understanding. When it comes to the security of the kids in preschools or kindergarten, parents need to be on their toes. Little boys and girls are always prone to mishaps or unwarranted injuries and that’s why parents need to child-proof their house. Start with a thorough search of your house for anything that might be hazardous to your preschooler. Remove all the dangerous objects or keep them away from your child’s reach and sight. Remember that children tend to put objects inside their mouths so keep aside all objects that can make him choke.
Preschoolers must be kept away from all electrical objects. Power wire, remote control, batteries, plastics etc can prove to be dangerous. Consider obstructing path to power plugs so that toddlers cannot reach there. Kitchen has many potentially unsafe objects that can harm child. For instance, knife or forks etc should be kept on countertop and make them totally inaccessible to the child. Preschoolers can be intelligent though and can find a way to reach the shelf or racks. So put aside things like cling wrap, cutlery or other cooking instruments on counters and tables.
Preschoolers should be kept away from frying pans and pots. Playground equipment should be carefully monitored if they are beside pool. Parents should always be vigilant. Children are vulnerable to outside dangers but a little foresight on parents’ part can help avoiding accidents. If you try to look at things from a preschooler perspective, it will be easy for you to think of proper safety measures. Toddlers have no idea about what is safe and what is risky and that’s why parents need to maintain constant vigil.

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